Me Captured

Hey Everyone!

I am Pooja breathing, studying, dreaming, running, eating and basically existing in the huge and loud city of Mumbai.

I am just an amateur learning my way around photography which has been my passion for sometime now. This is just the beginning, lets see where it takes me. So bear with me and enjoy the ride along the learning curve with me.

I have been blogging for almost a year now at “Thoughtful Randomness”, and it has been very fulfilling.

So wish me luck for this new venture. See you around :)!


2 comments on “Me Captured”

  1. Hey Pooja,
    I run an online E-magazine called ‘Whackk!’
    Do check it out sometime. No, its not boring or preachy! 😛
    Just recently came across your blog ‘Ephemeral Instances'(tough name that!!). Loved your work.We are planning to introduce a section for photography from the next month.We’re trying to put together a few interesting photographs from over the web. Would love to have your contribution for that. We’re not sponsored or funded currently so we won’t be able to pay you monetarily. Though I can assure you of our strong reader base. Do let me know if you’re game for it.


    P.S : Please delete this post on reading.Spam’s a prob nowadays!

  2. All the best! 🙂

    I hope this blog will rock too, just like your first blog!

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